Utilfredsheden fra Nordafrika og Mellemøsten breder sig til Europa

Selvom danske medier intet skriver om det, har demonstrationerne fra Nordafrika og Mellemøsten bredt sig til Europa.

Først til Spanien, men nu også til Grækenland og Frankrig.

Åbent brev til Spaniens ambassadør i Danmark

Open letter

Policial violence over clean-up at Barcelona's Plaça de Catalunya on 27
May 2011


Since the 15th of May a protest movement has arisen in more than 50
Spanish Cities, this movement comprises individuals from every strata of
Spanish society. First among them are the young Spaniards protesting the
undemocratic and anti-social moves made by the Spanish state. As with
the protests in Egypt, demonstrators have established peaceful protest
camps in city squares to discuss and demonstrate their desire for
change. This is true of the protesters in Barcelona's Plaça de Catalunya.

After more than a week of peaceful demonstrations, the police today
violently dismantled the camp at Barcelona's Plaça de Catalunya. The
official excuse for these events is the need to clear the area for
possible Barça's celebrations on Saturday. Catalonian police, the
"Mossos d'Esquadra" appeared unidentifiable and unannounced, acting with
savage brutally against the peaceful protesters. Evidence of these
events has surfaced in videos online. These videos clearly show the
excessive use of violence, police batons and rubber bullets against
peaceful protesters engaged in peaceful sit-ins. They show police batons
used with abandon against young protesters who clearly posed no threat
to the police or the public.

These images lead us to suspect that some of the Spanish Police Officers
involved may be nostalgic of the repression and violence of Francoist
Spain, many have clearly failed to learn the relevant lessons from it.
Moreover this action is clearly unworthy of a democratic state and
should be bring shame to every other member of the European Union (EU).

It should also be noted that the hiding of Police officer ID numbers -
now confirmed to have taken place - is unlawful in Spain, indeed even
"Guardia Civil" members criticize such action explicitly.

We the undersigned, leaders of our respective national Pirate Parties
would like to express solidarity with those involved in the peaceful
demonstrations in Spain. We denounce the use of violence against
non-violent protesters by the police in EU Members states, activities
which are becoming increasingly common. This kind of action has no place
in a democratic Europe and they are cause of significant concern for all
of us.

We would request that you pass the concerns we have outlined in this
letter on to your government and urge them to act on them. We look
forward to your response.

We have the honor to present to you, Your Excellency, the assurances of
our highest consideration.

In the name of

Pirate Party of Canada
Pirate Party of Catalonia
Pirate Party of the Czech Republic
Pirate Party of Denmark
Pirate Party of France
Pirate Party of Germany
Pirate Party of Italy
Pirate Party of Luxembourg
Pirate Party of Morocco
Pirate Party of the Netherlands
Pirate Party of Romania
Pirate Party of Russia
Pirate Party of Serbia
Pirate Party of Slovenia
Pirate Party of Spain - Partido Pirata de España
Pirate Party of Switzerland
Pirate Party of Tunisia
Pirate Party of the United Kingdom

Ole Husgaard,
Chairman, Pirate Party of Denmark.